École élémentaire de la Busserine

Établissement de l'Éducation Nationale


Orchestre à l’école

The Busserine elementary school, located in the Grand Saint-Barthélémy district of Marseille, has made cultural awareness a priority in its school project.
Thus, the School Orchestra project is a continuation of various projects initiated since 2006 within the elementary school with many partners including the Ensemble C Barré, during the programs :
– “Galéjades”, a participatory musical show for actors, choirs and orchestra, and performed at ZEF, scène nationale de Marseille (2018-2019).
– “La Ballade des Monstres Perdus” with the support of DUMIstes students from CFMI, and with 6th grade students from Pythéas College (2019-2021).

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