The ECLAT Festival



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As a festival of the independent scene, ECLAT Festival neue Musik Stuttgart asserts its important place alongside Europe’s leading broadcast-based new music festivals. For over 40 years, the festival has been synonymous with openness to all currents of new music, with a taste for risk-taking and the unexpected. Focusing on artists who virtuously exploit the possibilities offered by digital media, playing with genres, dissolving space, perspectives and functions, ECLAT presents its curious and attentive audience with original interdisciplinary formats between musical theater, performance, installation and concert staging. The emphasis is always on projects that challenge the familiar, reflect current artistic discourse and are socially relevant. ECLAT is characterized above all by its own productions and international co-productions, but also by cooperation with local cultural players. For example, the concert featuring the winners of the Stuttgart State Capital Composition Prize is an integral part of the festival, as are the two concerts by the Stuttgart SWR Symphony Orchestra and the SWR Vocal Ensemble, which the SWR always brings to ECLAT as a cooperation partner.

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