Georges BŒUF

French composer, born in 1937


Féline (2010) | bass clarinette | 5' | WP

Georges Boeuf was born in Marseille in 1937.


After studying at the regional conservatory of that city, he became one of those who have established in France a centre for experimental music by co-founding the GMEM, a National Centre for Musical Creation, of which he has been president since 1974.


A teacher at the Marseilles Regional Conservatory he set up a composition class in 1988. He is the composer of some ninety instrumental, vocal and electro-acoustics works, played by the finest instrumentalists and the best ensembles, notably including an opera, Verlaine Paul, premiered at the Nancy Opera in 1996 restaged in 2003 at the Theâtre de la Criée in Marseilles, où il est question d’un coucher de soleil for cello and orchestra (1989), Solitaire vigie for orchestra and chorus on a poem by Mallarmé (2000), Tsaïni portz for Armenian instrumental ensemble (2001), Koré ou l’oubli for a quartet of keyboard percussion instruments (2002), a Sonata for solo violin, a Sonata for solo viola (2002) a Messe (2005), Anderem Ufer for violin, cello and piano (2003), first performed in 2005 in Marseilles by the Ensemble Sapienta and Fantasmatica Sonata for barytone violin (2007) first performed in Belgium by Jacques Dupriez.