Movens Immobilis

Année de composition
10 minutes
Instrumental ensemble [8 musicians] : flute (also piccolo and flute in G), oboe (also English horn), clarinet (Bb and bass), bassoon, horn, trumpet in C, trombone (tenor and bass) and double bass

Movens immobilis is dedicated to Alfredo del Monaco, a composer and performer who contributed greatly to the diffusion and development of contemporary music in Venezuela. Most of Mirtru Escalona-Mijares’ works are born from an image, or an impression left by a poem or a literary text as a poetic starting point, which generates the form and the materials. This one was conceived after a writing, taken from an anonymous collection from the second half of the 12th century.

Without the intention of adding a theological connotation, he carried out a reading of this text in the broadest sense, in order to generate his work from the paradoxical image of an immobile movement. His taste for spatialization led him to divide the instruments into three groups, two of which are located behind the audience.


«Deus Semper movens immobilis»

« Immobilis dicitur Deus quia est secundum unam dispositionem semper, et hoc est esse in quiete. Movens semper est, quia vivens in se, tamen sine alteratione. Intelligit se intellectu simplici, et hoc est quod intellectus perficit intellectum, et intellectum est forma intelligentis »

Création mondiale
December 16th, 2008 | Intramuros du GMEM, Marseille, France

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