Musical walk
© Pierre Gondard

Ensemble C Barré has been collaborating since 2020 with the association of artist-walkers Bureau des Guides GR 2013, around a project of itinerant territorial implantation: Palimpseste. The aim of this project is to develop walks inviting people to perceive a territory from a new perspective through walking and music of today.

These walks, linked by the same theme, are conceived by a duo made up of an artist-promoter and a composer in residence with the Ensemble C Barré. They are prepared by several weeks of surveying and investigating the territory (in particular by consulting municipal archives and historical resources, and also by collecting testimonies, information, anecdotes and even songs from the inhabitants), which form the basis for their creation.

In this new project, the artist-walker Nicolas Memain and the composer François Rossé are working together. Through walking and music, the students are invited to an individual immersion in the territory by collecting objects, observations, sensations… By increasing or stimulating each person’s ability to investigate, to observe what is there or even to imagine what cannot be seen, the guides propose to share a sensitive experience of the landscapes and the stories they can tell. The composer chooses to deepen certain aspects of the route by setting vocal or instrumental scores to music, using objects encountered on the route.

In partnership with the Bureau des Guides GR 2013, the Merlan Cerisaie primary schools and the Clair Soleil middle school.
With the support of Cités éducatives.

practical information

June 15th/16th, 2023


Booking protocol to be announced soon.


François Rossé
Échos phocéens (2023) Mondial creation
for trumpet, clarinet, percussion and children’s choir


François Rossé – composition
Nicolas Memain – artist-promoter
Alice Durot – cartographic illustrator
Isabelle Lorenzino – choir preparation
Annelise Clément – clarinet
Jonathan Robert – saxophone
Jérémie Abt – percussion

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