Festival Musique à la Ferme

Festival in Lançon-Provence



The festival was created in 2007 with the desire to associate rurality and music in the heart of Provence at the Chèvrerie Honnoré. The association Les Chèvres Musicales was born, a mischievous name that thumbs its nose at conventions to describe an original concept: to bring chamber music where it is not expected with the Festival Musique à la Ferme within a working farm.

The festival has grown from three concerts to eight, several hundred musicians have been invited, and we have welcomed nearly 10,000 spectators. In 2017, the Musique à la Ferme festival celebrates its 10th anniversary, this anniversary marks the growth of the association and the festival, the affirmation of a deeply cultural and rural identity, the appreciation of music outside of convention in a relaxed way and its access to all audiences, the support of creation and promotion of artists.

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