actor/puppet player, baritone, 2 school choirs, 2 school choirs, 2 school choirs, school orchestra (18 mandolins, 10 cellos, 6 percussionists), symphony orchestra (with woods by 2), and electroacoustic device

DURATION • 50 minutes

LIBRETTO • Catherine Peillon

EDITOR •  Edited by the composer

COMMISSION • Ensemble C Barré

PREMIERE • June 2018 in Marseille, by the Ensemble C Barré, the OSAMU orchestra, the orchestra at the school/college C Barré and choirs of children from primary and secondary schools in Marseille, conducted by Sébastien Boin, co-conducted by Vincent Beer-Demander and by the first year students of the CFMI of Aix-en Provence.

"The story takes place a long time ago. Following an old dispute between the gods, the country is suffering from drought and famine is waiting for the mortals. We invoke, pray, procession, question dreams, diviners and pythmies... Nothing works. Until the king decided to resort to "cosmic sympathy" in a huge collective rite of imitation of the storm and thunder and thus dared to defy the divinities.


In three acts, Météoriques is a joyful and cruel fable. It is set in the time of the myth, but the resonances with our current ecological situation are bouncing back and splashing our convictions.


Conceived for children's choirs, school orchestra, amateur orchestra, singers and professional instrumentalists, the work, under the musical direction of Sébastien Boin, distributes beautiful roles to each of the protagonists, teeming with poetic, theatrical and sound inventions. A creation with a political and philosophical tone".



Catherine Peillon