Driven by the desire to share today’s music with as many people as possible and at its highest artistic level, the ensemble undertakes profound and ambitious programmes of mediation and transmission around each of its concerts and shows.


C Barré is constantly involved at all levels of the school curriculum, with amateur musicians, in conservatories and with specific audiences. Most of our projects are based on our conviction that the best way to appreciate today’s music is to practice it yourself.


Each year, we involve a large part of the audiences we reach in a creation that brings together C Barré’s professional musicians, an amateur orchestra and/or an schoolorchestra and a schoolchoir. These works, of high artistic standards, are a unique opportunity for schoolchildren and amateurs to meet the authors and composers regularly (through residencies, creative workshops and rehearsals) until the moment of public renditions. They also share with the musicians of C Barré a real and intense creative experience whose performances take place in real professional scenes. Writing, finely adjusted to the skills and characteristics of each group, makes it possible to obtain the best substance from their sound potential and the know-how of musicians at all levels. In this way, each of the participants finds his or her right place in the work, manages to fully master his or her part, and even surpasses himself or herself.


All these conditions together make C Barré fully claim these works/shows as an integral part of its repertoire and also strive to disseminate them by associating itself each time with new territorial partners.