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Spanish composer and clarinetist, born in 1973


At The Doors of Perception (2013) | instrumental ensemble (10 musicians) and electronics | 12' | WP

Trois Autres Perspectives d'Une Absence... (2013) | mandolin, guitar, harp | 12' | WP

Une Seconde Infinie (2010) | piano and electronics | 5'

Iván Solano is a spanish composer, born September 14, 1973 in Madrid (Spain).


A clarinetist trained in Madrid and at the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest, the holder of diplomas as performer and clarinet teacher, Ivan Solano obtained a DEA at the University of Paris VIII. He is actively involved in many projects concerning instrumental research and the real-time interaction of computers and instruments.


After following the electroacoustic composition classes of Christine Groult at the ENM of Pantin and the teaching of Ivan Fedele at the Strasburg Conservatory, he took advanced classes at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome and then prepared a thesis entitled Resonating in the gesture of the other, in search of the driving gesture of the composer, the performer and the listener in the music of today.


Leading in parallel his work as a composer and his career as a performer, Solano seeks to abolish the frontier between composer, performer and listener, considering that composition and performance penetrate each other in a perpetual to and fro. Passionately interested in music, the sciences, literature, photography and other cultures, he composes music that navigates between styles and media, from installations and electroacoustic music to music for the theatre, via video, sound-design for the web, music written for all groupings, yet also improvisation and pedagogical projects.

His works include Katsura… le Palais de la lune ou Perles, gouttes et ondes for children’s chorus and electronics, first performed at the festival Musica in 2005; Trois jardins d’été for youth string orchestra with double bass soloist, first performance at the Strasburg Conservatory (2009); Ki/Sollio for bass clarinet and electroacoustics, commissioned by the Venice Biennial (2012); L’impossibile Statica del Silenzio, premiered by the Béla Quartet (2013); Comme quand on rêve for 8 voices and string quartet, premiered by the ensemble Musicatreize and the Girard Quartet (2013); Le Grand Tomple, a musical and radiophonic epic to a text by Catherine Peillon, commissioned by the Festival de Chaillol (2014); Cielo Arterial for mixed chorus, premiered by the chamber choir Les Éléments (2015).


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