Instrumental ensemble [9 musicians] and electronics
clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, guitar, harp, cimbalom, North keyboard Stage 2 EX 88 and double bass

DURATION • 10 minutes

EDITOR •  Edited by the composer

COMMISSION • gmem-CNCM-marseille, International Contemporary Ensemble and Christ Church Preservation Trust

WORLD PREMIERE • May 18, 2018 at 9pm at the Festival Les Musiques, Grand Plateau de La Friche la Belle de Mai, by Ensemble C Barré and the International Contemporary Ensemble of New York, conducted by Sébastien Boin.

"Inside Voice is inspired by the work related to the construction of an organ. This work was inspired by my experiments on a new organ, built by Fisk, an instrumental company, and recently installed in Philadelphia.


For the moment, a large part of the organ pipes have been placed on the instrument but some of the locations are still empty. By pressing the keys, a pipe system activates the air. However, the keys that are not yet connected only produce a filtered white noise, quite different from what is usually expected of an organ. It's also a wonderful sound. [...]


To translate these sounds, both metaphorically and musically, the two ensembles of musicians form a system of bellows and human sampling. Each of the instruments is equipped with a microphone whose activation is controlled by a midi controller keyboard. Then the transient sounds and frequencies produced are filtered and spatialized through the loudspeaker network, using a system developed in collaboration with GMEM.



Commissioned by the GMEM and the Christ Church Preservation Fund, Inside Voice is written for a flexible instrumentation that reflects both the specificities and similarities between the ICE and C Barré ensembles. Movement extracted from the piece In Plain Air".


Nathan Davis