bass clarinet

DURATION • 5 minutes

EDITOR • Edited by the composer

PREMIERE • May 15, 2012, Festival Les Musiques, Marseille, Théâtre de La Criée, concert by Ensemble C Barré, clarinet: Rémi Delangle.

Both Jacques Tourneur's (1942) film with Simone Simon and Paul Schrader's (1982) film with Nastassya Kinski, but also the colour and sound of the bass clarinet, inspired me to write the music and the title of this score that evokes the fabulous animal that is the black panther. Fear and desire mixed, anthropomorphism and sexual ambiguity moved me away from the real notes of the instrument to the benefit of multiphonic sounds and perilous harmonics.


Rémi Delangle, to whom the piece is dedicated, has immersed himself with talent in this universe moving from deceptive appearances.



Georges Bœuf, 2012.