Instrumental ensemble (8 musicians)
Oboe (also English horn), Bb clarinet (also bass clarinet and high hi-hat), bassoon, horn (also bass drum with very low pedal), 2 violins (the second of which also plays a bass drum with low pedal), viola (also medium hi-hat) and cello

DURATION • 11 minutes

EDITOR •  Universal Edition - UE 32 644

PREMIERE • October 22, 2002, Berlin (Germany) by the Scharoun ensemble, conducted by Henrik Schaefer

Configuration N°1 : in sich kreisend

Configuration N°2 : sich heimlich vortastend

Configuration N°3 : aufbrausend

Configuration N°4 : atmend bewegt

Configuration N°5 : sich konzentrierend

Configuration N°6 : zähflüssig

Configuration N°7 : wild vorwärtsdrängend

Configuration N°8 : rauh und heftig / sich allmählich beruhigend

Configuration N°9 : ruhig fließend

Configuration N°10 : zart bewegt

Configuration N°11 : pulsierend

Configuration N°12 : kompromißlos und hart