Mezzo-soprano and piano

DURATION • 14 minutes

EDITOR •  Billaudot Editions

WOLRD PREMIERE • Juin 11, 1994, Paris, Auditorium Saint Germain, by Sylvie Sullé and Jay Gottlieb

Arrangements of popular songs for mezzo-soprano and piano (in collaboration with Christine Prost), collected in 1987. Half of it is the recovery of old - or recent parts: IV. "Nana" is the second of Lorca's poems (n°10, 1947); VI. is the Asturian lullaby of the Four Choirs (n°95); VII. is "Tango el Mariquita" (n°11, 1947); VIII. is "Alborada" (n°12, 1947) in memory of "La Argentinita".


The new parts are: I. "Como la flor", II. "Las mis penas son de amor", III. "Cuando paso por el puente", V. "Martinete".


These eight songs have been adapted for voice and guitar by Alberto Ponce.


© Édith Canat de Chizy and François Porcile, «Maurice Ohana», Fayard.



I. Como la flor

II. Las mis penas son de amor

III. Cuando paso por el puente

IV. Nana

V. Martinete

VI. Berceuse asturienne

VII. Tango el mariquita

VIII. Alborada